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Powerful production and packaging tools

The Production department is responsible for the operation of the 46 tomato production farms Azura and 4 aromatic herb farms

100% of our market garden plants are produced internally to ensure total control of crop quality, leading them to 100% in Integrated Organic Protection and developing taste varieties.

The Packaging Service must ensure our customers a product quality that meets their requirements

Azura Packaging Line
Packaging Line Azura Cherry Tomato
Tomatoes Packaging Line

We have therefore invested in several last-generation packaging lines and specialized in our tools:

  • Assignment of lines by size and variety of tomatoes (with electronic weighing and grading and color sorting) and packaging format
  • Quality control of products throughout the packaging, based on customer specifications and flow management for each customer
  • Temperature control to preserve the qualities of the product
  • Process automation for more flexibility and less work on line.

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