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The Azura brand

Azura collection

In 2015, Azura launche a new tomato Range « Azura Collection ». Finest Varieties, New Communication

2012 High standards. For you. For us

Azura pay tribute to all Azura employees but particularly agricultural workers. 4 jobs, 4 priorities, 4 faces

Let’s cultivate our future



2008 means 20 years of existence and one sole commitment “Let’s cultivate our future”. With this constantly in mind we continue to invest and improve our respect for the environment and our ethical commitments.  

Azura has the knack of finding and nurturing the most promising seeds

Audacity, solidarity and commitment are our uniting values that we share with the world of rugby. For the rugby World Cup 1997 Azura sponsored the Moroccan team throughout the qualifying matches; we are convinced that they are a team of great future promise.

Flavour explorers

In the mid-2000 we developed our Azura tomato range to meet consumer demand for a more tasty tomato. After several years of research, trialling and testing and numerous tasting panels the new varieties saw the day. The Azura teams are now known as "Flavour explorers".

Nature’s partner

Biobest Morocco was created at the end of the 90s from our partnership with Biobest Belgium. Biologically integrated control became our priority and an organic farm was created specifically for this purpose making us "Nature’s partner".

Sun magicians

"Sun Magicians" was our 1st logo. Back in the 90s we exported our first tomatoes to the European markets and thanks to the expertise of our Azura technicians our consumers found some sun on their shop shelves even in the depths of Winter.