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Our partners

Azura was born of a partnership between 2 men of experienced and complementary backgrounds.

Thanks to this successful partnership the Azura group went on to build two further partnerships with companies specialising in plant grafting and biological crop control.


International Nursery and Nurserie de l’Atlas are our Dutch-Moroccan nurseries; the result of the partnership between Azura et Growgroup.

These partnerships offer Morocco a recognised technology and savoir faire from one of the largest grafted plant producers in Europe.

The nurseries are based in the regions of Agadir and Gharb are now specialists of the grafted plant.

They produce for the Moroccan farmers and international export markets an extensive variety of grafted plants such as tomato, melon, watermelon and strawberry.

Our nurseries respect the most strict safety and hygiene standards inherent to our profession. International Nursery has been selected by ONUDI for its savoir-faire and professionalism.

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Biobest Morocco is a joint Moroccan-Belgian venture, the result of our partnership with Biobest Belgium.

Based in Agadir, Biobest Morocco produces auxiliary insects. These insects are used as an integral part of our pest control management and biological crop control.

Biobest Morocco commercialises their products on the Moroccan and export markets.

Biobest Morocco is today the leading auxiliary insect producer in Morocco.

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