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The group

Azura is a Franco-Moroccan family-owned group of companies specialising in fruit and vegetables, managed by CEO Mohamed Tazi.


Over the last 25 years, Azura has become one of the largest private producers of tomatoes in the world with 8000 employees, 68 farms and nearly900 hectaresof agricultural land.

Today Azura’s products are sold directly to major European supermarket chains.


Azura's business strategy is based on respect for the environment, commitment to a socially-responsible approach, food safety management and integrated expertise in production, packaging, logistics, sales and marketing. Azura demands high standards, both in terms of the quality of its product and the conditions it is produced in, and carries out quality improvement projects on a continuous basis to ensure customer and consumer satisfaction.



  • 25 years in business

  • 8000 employees

  • 68 farms

  • 9000 ha