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R&D, always innovating

“Every year between 350 and 500 new varieties are tested.”   Since its founding, Azura has pursued a sustained policy of investment with the aim of improving both its products and processes. Each year, between 350 and 500 new varieties of tomato are cultivated on an experimental basis on a dedicated plot of land. This research is carried out in close collaboration with seed producers in order to find the varieties which offer the best possible compromise between shelf-life, taste and agronomical performance. The natural resistance to parasites is also an important criterion to consider. The different divisions of the company (Production, Packing, Logistics, Sales and Marketing and Quality) are all involved in the selection process. At the end of each production season, only 2 to 3 varieties are selected to be launched the following year.  

An analysis laboratory for sensory trials.

Azura has acquired an analysis laboratory for sensory trials. These internal tests are carried out on average three times a week by Azura staff members. There are two separate testing panels. A tasting panel comprising 35 people carries out two tests with 15 people per week. The second group (a panel of experts) comprises 12 volunteers who are instructed and trained in this complex exercise. The volunteers gather for at least one hour each week to identify the characteristics of the different varieties. Crispness, firmness, tenderness, juiciness, sweetness, acidity, tomato flavour, floury texture and toughness of the skin are just some of the criteria assessed. The results obtained can be used for comparisons with established benchmarks and competitors' products.