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Logistics, maximising delivery service rates

The Group’s Logistics Platform has a capacity of 8000m2of refrigerated storage space divided into 3 storage units, one of which is used for stone fruits and melons.

It is situated in the Grand Saint-Charles industrial zone inPerpignan (France), a key location for the international fruit and vegetable market. 

Azura also operates inEngland andGermany from two further logistics platforms.


“Reliable stock management and total traceability.”



The site is equipped with an ERP IT system which reliably facilitates order picking and stock management and also offers a way of ensuring the total traceability of batches.

Our Quality teams based at the Logistics Platform are responsible for checking that products meet customer specifications when they arrive and before orders are sent out for delivery.

Azura’s Logistics teams are committed to finding the best means of transport for a given destination and work in partnership with international operators to achieve this aim.


Logistics: main aims and responsibilities :


  • Forecasting transport needs on a yearly basis
  • Negotiating contracts and prices
  • Daily ordering of trucks
  • Handling information regarding quantities shipped and customs procedures
  • Managing stock and dispatch to service providers
  • Delivery tracking
  • Optimising transit times to guarantee maximum freshness
  • Using efficient management information systems
  • Finding and creating partnerships with transport companies which guarantee punctual deliveries
  • Developing transport solutions with reduced environmental impact through the use of containers