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Gourmet tomatoes

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Selected for their aroma, pretty colours and original form, our Gourmet Tomatoes are firm favourites of all the family.


For the consumer our visual style guidelines mean that our Gourmet Tomatoes are easily identifiable ensuring prime shelf view and increased consumer fidelity.

We can also pack our Gourmet Tomatoes in specifically requested packaging.



Plum cocktail on the vine:

delicate and perfumed; perfect for salads or cooked for a pasta dish.


Baby Plum:

sweet and delicate; ideal for as an aperitif nibble or in the pan.


Mixed cherry tomatoes:

an assortment of two flavours: sweet & tangy; perfect as an aperitif nibble or in a salad.


Cherry tomatoes:

juicy, perfumed and ever so slightly tangy; ideal as an aperitif nibble or in a salad with mozzarella or Feta.


Cocktail on the vine:

juicy, sweet and perfumed; great as an aperitif nibble or in a salad with a drizzle of olive oil.


Cherry on the vine:

sweet, perfumed and juicy; a tasty "any time of the day" snack or as an aperitif nibble.


Did you know?

Our Azura Gourmet Tomatoes are all grown with 100% Biologically Integrated Control methods.