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Over the last couple of years we have been introducing fruit to our extensive range of products. All the varieties on offer have been specifically selected for their taste and quality.





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Our Azura citrus fruit range is principally composed of clementines produced in southern Morocco.



> Variety:

• Sidi Aïssa
• Nour
• Nadorcott (Afourer)

> Calendar:

• Sidi Aïssa : November to décember
• Nour : Décember to mid february
• Nardocott (Afourer) : January to mid februaryr

> Production area:

• Taroudant, Sidi Moktar (Marrakech)


Did you know?

Azura handles 100% of its fruit production, from start to finish. All of Azura's fruits are grown under the warm Moroccan sun, on carefully selected plots of land, and are only picked when fully ripe.
That's our secret for getting such colourful and delicious fruit!



Stone fruits



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Our stone fruit produced in the regions of Agadir and Sidi Mokhtar (Marrakech), benefit from the expertise and the requirement for Azura label.

Grown from April to May, our colorful and tasty varieties have excellent resistance and very good sugar levels.




• Yellow nectarines, white nectarines, yelm peaches


• Early April to mid May

Production area :

• Agadir et Sidi Moktar (Marrakech)


Did you know?

100% of stone fruit production Azura are clean. From production to marketing, Azura mastering each step and can guarantee a constant quality that meets the specifications of each customer.

Bulk or tray? Azura teams are at your disposal to develop tailor-made packages.