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Azura Collection Tomatoes

Each year, Azura plants, on a dedicated parcel of land, many new varieties of tomatoes. After two years, only 2 or 3 out of the total will be lucky enough to have the privilege to grow the following year, joining the range of the Azura Collection. The varieties that make up the Azura Collection were chosen on predetermined criteria (sugar, crunchiness, juiciness, and flavor consistency) by a panel of trained taste-testers. Quantitative and scientific measures (Brix rate = rate of sugar, the measure of acidity) and sensory and gustatory analysis confirm the choice.

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My Little Round Tomato with big Flavor :

Azura Collection’s Tomato No 8 i a round Tomato with a small caliber that is naturally sweet and juicy, with intense color. Its pretty round shape has earned it the number 8 spot in the Collection. Best enjoyed raw in salads.

My little Cherry Tomato with big flavor :

Azura Collection’s No14 carries the very number of the farm on which Azura chose to grow this variety. No14 is a cherry tomato that is naturally sweet, slightly acidic and crunchy with a beautiful bright red color. Great as a snack or to savor anytime.

My Little Baby Plum Tomato on the vine with big flavor :

Azura Collection’s baby plum tomato on the vine was selected from other varieties of the same category for is beautiful shape, cluster and aromatic fruit. It keeps the No26 that was given during the blind taste-test panels. Greats as a snack, to savor or to put an appetizer, or in a salad.

My litlle Cherry Tomato on the vine with big flavor :

No 31 is a Cherry Tomato on the vine that tastes like it comes straight your garden. It is sweet and tender, and kids love it. It was a unanimous win among our taste-testers. It is a lovely No31! Great for snacking.