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High-Performance Production And Packaging Tools

Our Production department is in charge of operating all of our forty-six Azura tomato production farms and four herb farms

100% of our market garden plants are produced in-house in order to develop their gustatory varieties, to lead them to 100% Integrated Biological Protection, and to ensure total control over the quality of the crops.

Our Packaging department ensures product quality meets our clients’ requirements

Ligne De Conditionnement Azura
Ligne De Conditionnement Azura Tomate Cerise
Ligne De Conditionnement Tomates

This is the reason why we have specialized our tools and invested in several latest-generation packaging lines :

  • Assigning the lines by size and variety of tomatoes (with electronic weighing and grading machines, as well as tri-colorimetric sorting) and by packaging format
  • Ensuring Quality control of products throughout the packaging process, based on client specifications and flow management for each client
  • Controlling temperature to preserve the product's qualities
  • Automating processes for more flexibility and less tedious work on the line.

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