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Our CSR Commitments


Corporate Social Responsibility is Key to Address Global Challenges

As a fruit and vegetable producer, we are particularly sensitive to the protection of our planet and aware of the challenges we face. Our production is based on the use of the resources that the Earth offers us. Now more than ever, we must preserve and protect them and take concrete action!

Today, it is easily understandable for all the players in the sector, right down to the end consumer, that we must act:

  • Act to ensure the sustainability of these resources while guaranteeing access to food for all populations;
  • Act with the greatest respect for our environment

Every producer, every grower, every distributor, every consumer has rights and duties towards our planet, to guarantee to future generations a consumption of quality and respectful of the environment.

We have the right to produce, cultivate, and consume. It is in the history of humanity. But, in return, we also have duties.

The duty to pass on knowledge for future generations, the duty to produce responsibly, the duty to respect our planet by considering the issues involved.
The duty to interact with the entire community by being a social player.
The duty to be more than a company, a producer or grower: to be a responsible company.

It is an essential balance that we must protect.

CSR, a daily commitment from Azura

Fully committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental profile, since 2010, the Azura Group has implemented a CSR strategy that encompasses the entire production chain, from farm to table:

  • agronomic development, to limit the use of phytosanitary products as much as possible,
  • optimizing the use of water resources,
  • reducing the consumption of plastic packaging, and recycling waste.

The Azura Group also invests in community aid, through the Azura Foundation, founded in 2015 to carry out educational (creation of schools, nurseries, educational centers for children with disabilities), and humanitarian projects in Morocco.

From employees to distributors, and end consumers, it is together that we will succeed in meeting all the challenges.



Azura's 100% Carbon Neutral Seal

climate partner

© Crédit photo : Climate Partner

Azura Group is engaged in 100% Carbon Neutral with his partner ClimatePartner, a consulting firm that helps companies measure and reduce their carbon emissions, as well as offset their residual emissions, enabling them to become climate neutral.
ClimatePartner was founded in Munich in 2006 and is currently working with more than 3,000 companies in 35 countries.



© Crédit photo : Friendly Agence - Getty Images

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