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Our environmental approach

It is based on scientific studies that have allowed us to focus our action on 3 major points :

Reducing our carbon footprint

Thanks to the reduction in our plastic consumption and the optimization of our supply chain. Here are some examples of the progress made:

  • Lower consumption of plastic packaging used: in one year - 43,6T of plastic on the production of 3 major references of the company.
  • Modification of the formats and thicknesses of cartons: with equal number of trucks, we transport up to 50% more tomatoes, with - 20% of cardboard used
  • 100% of tomato packaging is recyclable

Responsible water consumption in our greenhouses

We are participating in a state project for seawater desalination, and are working to optimize drip on our crops. Our R&D team is also working on new technologies to better store and facilitate water absorption for our tomato plants.

the azura environmental approach

azura environmental approach

Waste recovery

We work with a circular economy goal to recycle green waste into compost, enrich the soil and improve production; management of non-organic waste by a specialized and certified external company, which manages their destruction in a transparent manner in compliance with environmental standards.

Life cycle studies of a tomato Azura (thus its environmental impact) confirm that while integrating transport to our logistics platforms in Europe, heating greenhouses via the natural heat of the sun allows us to significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Life cycle analysis

Did you know ?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an ISO standard quality approach at the international level, which makes it a powerful and recognized tool.

 An LCA is based on several criteria for analyzing incoming and outgoing flows. We call “flow” everything that goes into the manufacture of the product and everything that comes out in terms of pollution.

Example of incoming flows: materials and energy: iron, water, oil, gas resources.

Ex of outgoing flows: waste, gaseous emissions, liquid discharged, etc.

Beyond the production sites, the company also intervenes on a daily basis to reduce its impact on the environment: daily recycling of paper in offices, elimination of plastic cups: in 1 year, nearly 43 plastic cups have been saved. only on the Perpignan site ...

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