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The construction of a wind farm in Morocco

1. to construction of of a wind farm in the Tangier-Tetouan region of Morocco

This project is certified Gold Standard CER

This wind energy project in northern Morocco increases the proportion of renewable energy in the national grid, while contributing to the overall sustainable development of the region. The wind farm comprises 40 turbines with a nominal unit capacity of three megawatts, for a total capacity of 120 megawatts. It produces on average 296 megawatt-hours per year with a load factor of 100%, which are fed into the national grid. The project contributes significantly to reducing the share of electricity produced from fossil fuels in Morocco and contributes to reducing the country's dependence to 28,17% on imports of coal, petroleum products and natural gas. . Using cutting-edge technology, the project promotes the development of wind energy and encourages investments in renewable energies in Morocco. One of the main objectives of the project, besides reducing greenhouse gases, is to strengthen the role of women in local communities. It improves their social and economic situation and is therefore awarded the “W +” standard.


morocco azura climate partner project

© Photo credit: Climate Partner

Support for this project contributes to achieving 8 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

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5 - Gender equality: Many women in rural communities have never attended school, more than 80% of them cannot read or write. With the support of the project, four agricultural cooperatives and two craft cooperatives for women are being created and corresponding training courses are offered.

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7 - Clean and affordable energy: Diversification of Morocco's national energy supply, reduction of dependence on imported fossil fuels.

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8 - Decent work and economic growth: The direct and indirect employment opportunities for the construction and operation of the wind farm help to reduce the unemployment rate, which is particularly high in rural areas.

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9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure: The project facilitates the transfer of modern and clean technologies and promotes the strengthening of local capacities in wind power production.

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12 - Responsible consumption and production: Wind energy does not cause any emission of pollutants such as sulfur or nitrogen dioxide. The local air quality has improved considerably.

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13 - Measures relating to the fight against climate change: The project saves around 143 tonnes of CO000e per year.

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15 - Life on land: The harmful environmental impacts of the production of energy from fossil fuels are avoided.

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17 - Partnerships for the achievement of objectives: Our long-term support makes it possible to carry out sustainable development projects in the South.


Protecting a tropical forest in Peru

Offsetting Azura's CO2e emissions is reflected in the Group's support for two strong projects, in line with its values.

2. A project in Tambopata, Peru, which enables 400 families to protect 300 hectares of rainforest through the sustainable cultivation of Brazil nuts.

This project is VCS and CCBS Gold Level certified.

In this project, families work together to protect the Amazon rainforest, which is their livelihood and habitat for countless animal and plant species, from deforestation. Thanks to this project, families receive land rights and therefore sustainable sources of income, thanks to the cultivation of Brazil nuts for example. Illegal logging thus becomes less attractive. Smallholder farmers receive micro-credits, marketing and transport support, and even advice on further processing possibilities, such as soap and oil production.


perou azura climate partner project

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Support for this project contributes to achieving 6 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

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2 - "Zero" hunger: Training to increase crop yields and environmentally friendly cultivation methods

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5 - Gender equality: 29% of the target group are women, many of whom are single mothers

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8 - Decent work and economic growth: New jobs in forest monitoring, agriculture and sales

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10 - Reduced inequalities: Land rights for local farmers

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13 - Measures relating to the fight against climate change: Per balanced ton of CO2, the project protects on average 2 square meters of Amazon rainforest

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15 - Terrestrial life: Protection of a hundred species of birds, 50 species of mammals, 30 species of fish, reptiles and amphibians each, as well as 200 species of trees and 1 others plant species


Climate partner

climate partner

© Photo credit: Climate Partner

ClimatePartner is a consulting firm that helps companies measure and reduce their carbon emissions, as well as offsetting their residual emissions, enabling them to become climate neutral.
ClimatePartner was founded in Munich in 2006 and today works with more than 3 companies in more than 000 countries.





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