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Tomatoes, history, nutrition and health

tomatoes history nutrition and health

At Azura, we are constantly seeking to improve our processes and the quality of our productions. We work to minimize the treatments applied to our crops.

We have been collaborating for many years with BioBest, a company specializing in integrated crop protection. The use of auxiliary insects prevents the development of pests and allows us to avoid the maximum treatments to better preserve the nutritional benefits of tomatoes.

Did you know?

Tomato, best seller fruit vegetables for french

The tomato is the fruit vegetable most consumed in volume by the French, with a little more 13,9 kg per household and per year. * It is one of the least energy vegetables with an average intake of 18,40 kcal for 100 g *. Because of this it is interesting to consume to help fight against overweight or obesity.

Very rich in water, it is also a source of vitamin C (100 g of raw tomatoes provide more than 15% of the nutritional values ​​of reference in vitamin C *).

 (sources: INSEE Interfel, Aprifel)

The tomato, this beautiful exotic, has long been rejected ...

17th century: Christopher Columbus discovers the tomato in South America ... while he thought he had found the road to India! The Incas already grow the tomato but it is not bigger than a cherry tomato. Upon arrival in France in the sixteenth century it was first used as an ornamental plant in gardens.

18th century: 4 recipe pages using tomato appear in the cookbook book of a Parisian noble house, while in the US, tomato is considered a sin for puritans and a toxic food for scientists.

In the 1930 years: in the USA, tomatoes begin to be eaten raw.

21th century: tomato is today one of the most consumed fruit vegetables in the world

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