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Taste and consumer satisfaction at the heart of our R & D approach

Our Research & Development team works daily to find the tastiest varieties of tomatoes 

  • Nearly 800 varieties are tested each year in our test greenhouses.
  • Only 1 or 2 will be selected to be grown.
  • After 2 years of regular tests, Azura teams validate the new varieties of tomatoes that will integrate our ranges.

To better understand the taste characteristics of varieties, Azura has an internal laboratory of analysis and sensory tests.

  • Three times a week, sensory tests are carried out by the teams ofAzura : a panel of people regularly taste the novelties and tomatoes already marketed, alone or in front of competing offers.
  • Each week an expert panel of trained and trained volunteers reinforces this analysis. They blindly characterize the different varieties of tomatoes (crunchy, firm, melting, juicy, sweet, acidity, flavor, persistence of the skin ...)
  • External panels are also conducted in partnership with the faculty of Perpignan
  • Finally, “hedonic” tests are set up each year with consumers in France, England and Germany. Taste and food preferences may vary significantly from country to country

AZURA has developed since 30 years a real know-how in the selection of varieties and the cultivation of tomatoes of taste.


Did you know ?

A tasty tomato = a successful combination of sugar and acidity

Has a hedonic test »Measures the approval of the product among so-called“ naïve ”consumers (ie non-tasting professionals); its objective is to identify the preferences of the people questioned: the famous "I like" or "I don't like"

B- The fruit flavor is generally related to the relative proportions of sugars and acids they contain, mainly fructose and citric acid. To characterize tomatoes, we use the "Brix" degree. The higher the Brix degree, the more you can smell a sweet taste.

The combination of high levels of sugars and acids produces the tastiest tomatoes.

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