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Quality, the central focus of our actions

Our Quality teams today have 120 people present in 3 countries (France, England and Morocco) and provide 4 main functions:

The control of product quality

From plantation to nursery to customer delivery

Satisfaction of our customers, in compliance with specifications and regulations

Every week, several meetings take place between the Quality, Production and Packaging teams to analyze, optimize and guarantee the quality of our products to our customers.

The quality satisfaction rate with our European customers is 99,3% in 2019.

The control of the sanitary quality of our productions

100% of the analyzes conducted on our products comply with European regulations. They are carried out by an independent external laboratory, certified COFRAC,

Proof of our know-how

Our expertise is also attested by our Quality & Social certifications and the approvals of our customers.

Committed to a quality certification process since 2004, we comply with all the standards of our customers, French or European, and have even made the choice of annual audits unannounced by accreditors.

Ifs Food
Ifs Logistics
Brc Food
Iso 9001 2015
Global Gap

Azura is a SEDEX member since 2003. The ethical business audit for SEDEX members is renewed annually at Azura since 2010. The SMETA audit, on the other hand, is based on the Ethical Trade initiative, the local legislation and the standards of the International Labor Organization and focuses on 4 pillars: labor standards, health and safety, environment and ethics of the trade.

The company is also a member of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Inititaive), an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA), which aims to develop and implement a system of excellence for improved working conditions in the chain. global supply.

The group is also Globalgap certified, which guarantees the implementation of good agricultural practices, the preservation of resources and the protection of the environment, and the health and safety of workers. The aim is to meet the expectations of consumers regarding the food safety of products from agriculture.

Our trained and trained internal audit teams perform more than 90 audits each year on our various sites.

Our Quality Control includes several stages

- daily checks take place during the harvest ; this takes place as soon as possible to avoid heat. The harvested boxes, sorted by batch, are then quickly transported to the packing station for packing.

1 Batch = 1 Farm / 1 Variety / 1 Harvest Date

- checks are made during conditioning, based on customer specifications. The verification of the products (we then speak of "approval") is carried out on each batch according to several criteria such as the quality of the sorting by size or the color of the tomatoes ...

Traceability for each pallet is then maintained until the end customer.

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