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Quality, guaranteeing safety

Respect for product freshness, storage conditions…at every step of the supply chain, across all our sites, the Quality Division applies consistent and standardized control criteria.

The division is spread over all the sites, in Moroccoand Europe. It has 70 members of staff (60 inMorocco and10 inEurope).

In compliance with EU regulation 178/2002, the reliability of information available about products is ensured by a systematic, standardised and controlled process of recording data.


Quality: main duties and responsibilities


  • Carrying out product quality control procedures.
  • Managing quality assurance certification status (see table).
  • Ensuring food and workplace safety by taking measures to avoid any contamination which could cause a product to be unfit for consumption. Following good farming practice and ensuring hygiene and safety rules are adhered to at all farms, at Packing Units and at the Logistics Platform.
  • Respecting customer specifications and requirements at all stages of the supply chain.


A maximum service performance rate


To note: 

in 2012, the Quality Division initiated a service performance rate monitoring programme designed to objectively evaluate, for every client, Azura’s capacity to meet customer expectations in two specific areas : 

the quantity of products delivered (the initial order is compared with the actual delivery) and the quality of the product (measured by the proportion of the delivery accepted by the customer as being of the expected quality).

The primary objective of this programme is obviously to continue improving our service performance rates.